‘A Star Wars Christmas’ Mashup for Classical Guitar? Why Not?

OK, let’s get silly for a few minutes. This video, which has been making the rounds on the internet since last Friday (December 8), offers us a mashup of assorted themes from Star Wars films (composed by the man we at CG call the other John Williams), with some beloved Christmas carols, all nicely arranged for classical guitar. It arrives just in time for this week’s release of the latest installment in the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi, and of course it is seasonally appropriate, too. The perpetrator of this clever medley or musical travesty (choose one) is a fellow from Richmond, Virginia, named Nathan Mills, whose YouTube handle is Beyond The Guitar. His raison d’etre: “I play nerdy music. On the guitar. With my hands.” Hard to argue with that.

Anyway, it’s all for fun; an entertaining program played well, including some beautiful melodic passages (John Williams—inspired by Barrios? Probably not!) and a tremolo outing on “Silent Night” that should be an inspiration to you all! Some interesting work on “Carol of the Bells,” too. The guy can definitely play.


Maybe next year Santa will bring him a lighting director.  —Blair Jackson