CG News: More 2018 Competition Results!

Julia Trinstchuk of Germany won the Montenegro International Guitar Festival competition.

Here are more 2018 adult competition winners and runners-up, some from events after our last issue went to press, others from competitions we missed in our previous report. In a few cases, we only have the winner, but not the second and third place finishers—feel free to fill in those names for us, or tell us about other events we’ve overlooked! Where you see “ES” following an event, that indicates it is part of EuroStrings’ guitar festival cooperative organization. —Blair J.

Guimarães International Guitar Festival (Portugal; ES): 1. Simone Rinaldo (Italy). International Guitar Festival Rust (Austria, ES): 1. Mateusz Kowalski (Poland), 2. Oskar Strukiel-Piotrowski (Poland), 3. Márton Nagy (Hungary). Szeged International Guitar Festival (Hungary, ES): 1. Gabor Hart (Hungary), 2. Dávid Fellegi (Hungary), 3. Bálint Kiss (Hungary) and Martin van Hees (Germany). Zagreb Guitar Festival (Croatia, ES): 1. Andrzej Grygier (Poland). Montenegro International Guitar Festival (ES): 1. Julia Trintschuk (Germany), 2. Domenik Carevic (Croatia), 3. Marko Radojkovic (Serbia). Tallinn Guitar Festival (Estonia, ES): 1. Tomasz Radziszewski (Poland), 2. Carlo Curatolo (Italy), 3. Bogdan Mihailescu (Romania). Mottola International Guitar Festival (Italy, ES): 1. Dimitris Soukaras (Greece), 2. Emanuele Barillaro and Simone Salvatori (both Italy). International Guitar Festival José Tomás Villa de Petrer (Spain, ES): 1. Giulia Ballaré (Italy). International Guitar Festival Nürtingen (Germany, ES): 1. Jeseok Bang (South Korea), 2. Peter Graneis (Germany) 3. Sôren Golz (Germany).

Julia Ballaré of Italy took first prize  at the José Tomás Villa de Petrer festival:


 Forum Gitarre Wien (Austria): 1. Cyprien N’tsaï (France). 2. Francois-Xavier Dangremont (France), 3. Michael Butten (UK) and Peter Graneis (Germany). Adelaide Guitar Festival (Australia): 1. Miles Johnston (Australia), 2. Andrew Blach (Australia), 3. Lazhar Cherouana (France). Melbourne Guitar Festival (Australia): 1. Gian Marco Ciampa (Italy), 2. Jeffrey Cheah (Australia), 3. Nellie Bausch (Australia). Concorso Internazionale di Chitarra Classica “Michele Pittaluga” (Italy): 1. Vojin Kocic (Serbia), 2. Katarzyna Smolark (Poland), 3. Daniel Egielman (Poland). Festival de la Guitarra de Sevilla (Spain): 1. Sasha Savaloni (UK), 2. Antoine Guerrero (France), 3. Álvaro Toscano (Spain) and Pauline Gauthey (France). Florida Guitar Festival & Competition (USA): 1. Dragos Ilie (Romania), 2. Gonzalo Arias (Chile), Agustin Rosado Marquez (Puerto Rico/USA). Indiana International Guitar Festival & Competition (USA): 1. Agustin Rosado Marquez (Puerto Rico/USA) and Dragos Ilie (Romania), 3. Christopher Mrofchak (USA), 4. Austin Wahl (USA)

Cyprien N’tsaï of France was the top winner at the Forum Gitarre Wien: