Classical Guitar Music to Play: Allegretto K.581 by Mozart (Arr. Martin Grayson)

Classical guitar mozart clarinet allegretto
Edited by Neil Smith

This innocuous looking transcription holds several technical points. A light staccato, created by either hand has to be obtained. The beginning of the second section requires legato playing. At places marked 1 the bass strings must be damped (I use the right hand but as long as you listen carefully any technique might be acceptable). The trills at 2 begin on the lower note as this is a classical trill, not the baroque trill which guitarists are now most familiar with. —M.G.

Martin Grayson has supplied the above information about the music; adventurous players may like to try my alternative fingering for bar 9. This avoids the “leap” from E to B with 4.


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This music supplement was originally printed in the November/December 1982 issue of Classical Guitar.