Classical Guitar Music to Play: ‘Cadiz’ by Albéniz (Arr. David Hill)

isaac Albeniz and guitar sheet music for "Cadiz"
Edited by Neil Smith

Some years ago, the BBC broadcast this work played by Ricardo Viñes (1875-1943) who was apparently Isaac Albéniz’s favourite interpreter. The tempo and style of the recording is indeed similar to many guitar recordings, perhaps we guitarists copy him!

In addition certain features are marked and should be given attention. First, Viñes articulates the opening bass pattern (A, E, E, A sharp, B) so distinctly here and whenever it returns. Second, he makes a very clear distinction between “Poco Rit” and “Motto Rit” and at bars 35-36, the halting effect is exaggerated. Third, the Coda is not played crescendo (as is often the case) but almost Perpendosi, with the chord soft at the close. Entering bar 29 etc., into C major, he rushes the tempo a little and plays the theme stronger than previously. The recording was part of a series including Albéniz favourites such as Granada, Torre Bermeja and Orientale.

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This music supplement was originally printed in the January 1991 issue of Classical Guitar.