Classical Guitar Music to Play: Prelude No. 7/F by Chopin (Arr. Tarrega)

Edited by Neil Smith

In this arrangement of the beautiful Prelude by Chopin, don’t be afraid to play quietly as indicated, using the dynamic extreme sparingly. The large chord in line 4 may be made easier if you wish by omitting the lower B (bass). My fingering uses many slides and several prepared fingers; line 3 bar 2 for example has D held by finger 2; this will slide (in advance) to F# at fret 7 in the next bar. The finger 2 is also prepared at the opening of the piece (F#). Vibrato is still effective if more than one finger is pressing on the fingerboard and this aspect of technique is worth study. (Click the image below for a larger, printable version.)

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This music supplement was originally printed in the November/December 1982 issue of Classical Guitar.