Classical Guitar Music to Play: ‘Reverie’ by Satie, Arr. Martin Grayson

eric satie reverie classical guitar music
Edited by Neil Smith

Erik Satie (1866-1925) is now most famous for his Gymnopedies of 1888. Originally piano pieces, they are now known in many other guises such as full orchestra (by Debussy) or guitar solo/duet. The Reverie here is his penultimate piano piece dating from around 1920. Satie was fond of using enigmatic titles. Pantagruel is a character in Rabelais. —M.G.

The following technical points should be noted. In bar 22, preplace the 2 behind the 3 on C ready for the slide along (3). In 27 and 28, keep the 1 on all thro’ to guide. Final bar, include 3 on bass C to silence the previous bass Bb. Suggested tempo=70–100.


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This music supplement originally appeared in the Jan-Feb 1983 issue of Classical Guitar.

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