Guitar-as-Chamber-Instrument Week, #2: Guitar-Flute Azuline Duo Plays Máximo Diego Pujol’s ‘Nubes de Buenos Aires’

To celebrate (and amplify) the Special Focus section in the new Spring 2019 issue of Classical Guitar, we’re posting a different video of a guitarist in combination with other instruments all week!

Here’s a beautifully made, brand-new video from Canada’s Azuline Duo—guitarist Emma Rush and flautist Sara Traficante— performing a stellar piece called Nubes de Buenos Aires (Clouds of Buenos Aires) by the outstanding and prolific contemporary Argentine composer Máximo Diego Pujol. This one really gives both instruments a chance to shine equally as the duo sails through the piece’s different sections.


Rush tells us, “The video was done by Cameron Veitch at Blacklake Media in Hamilton [Ontario, where Rush is based].  I love his stuff—he works with natural light so well. The Pujol piece is published by Henry Lemoine  [U.S. link to purchase the music: Sheet Music Plus], and it’s one of two pieces in Dos aires candomberos. We first heard it played by the Bandini-Chiacchiaretta Duo in a version for guitar and bandoneon, made by the composer.” —Blair Jackson

Máximo Diego Pujol