New Sheet Music Releases: Mark Houghton, Edvard Grieg, Frederic Hand, Dusan Bogdanovic, and More

We get so much sheet music sent to us by various publishers year ’round—literally hundreds of pieces in every setting imaginable (solo guitar, multiple guitars, guitar-flute, guitar-harp, etc.)—but we don’t have the space to write about the great majority of them in our four quarterly issues each year.

So, just as are now listing new classical guitar CD releases every other Tuesday here, we’re now going use the Tuesdays in between those to announce new print music releases. As with the CDs, these are not reviews (some will be reviewed in the magazine, but frankly most will not), but we think it’s important to at least get the word out about what’s being offered to guitarists out there. Where possible, we’ve linked the titles to the publisher’s website, and stated the degree of difficulty (if provided by the publisher).  —Blair Jackson


Mark Houghton (pictured above)
25 Sketches for Solo Guitar: The Complete Set
 Les Productions D’OZ, 52 pp.

Contemporary British composer. Titles include Rustic Dance, Jazz Scherzo, Steel Melancholy, Oriental, and Samba in D. Intermediate. You can see him play Rustic Dance here.


Dusan Bogdanovic
12 Préludes printaniers (for solo guitar)
Doberman-Yppan, 22 pp.

12 Préludes d’été (for solo guitar)
Doberman-Yppan, 23 pp.

Prolific Yugoslav composer’s latest two volumes (sold separately) deal with spring and summer. Both are advanced.


Claude Worms
Moto Perpetuo (Bulerías for two flamenco guitars)
Éditions Combre, 22 pp.

Top French flamenco teacher and composer. Other books in this series (available at the same link as Moto Perpetuo) are Rosa sanluqueña (Alegrias), Chacó-Breva (Malahueña), and Pirinaqueando (Siguriya)



Niccolò Paganini (arr. Olivier Eidam)
Terzetto Concertante (for guitar trio)
Edition Dohr, 53 pp. plus parts

Four-movement work originally written for viola, cello, and guitar.


Marcelo Fernández
Six Studies (for solo guitar)
Les Productions D’Oz 15 pp.

More from revered Argentine composer/guitarist. Advanced. Also in this series: Sequentia y Variaciones (advanced) and Six Sketches in Four Frets (intermediate).


Ignacio Cervantes (trans. Marc Batïni)
Danzas Cubanas (for two guitars)
Editions Lemoine, 31 pp.

Cuban composer and pianist Cervantes (1847–1905) wrote 41 Danzas Cubanas and this volume offers two-guitar transcriptions of 14 of them.


Francisco Tárrega, Isaac Albéniz, Enrique Granados (arr. Lily Afshar)
Spanish Composers for Classical Guitar (for solo guitar)
Mel Bay, 72 pp.

Esteemed Iranian guitarist/arranger Afshar offers “hits” collection, including Capricho Arabe, Lagrima, Asturias, Danza Españiola No. 5, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, et al. Multiple skill levels. Other new releases arranged and edited by Afshar for Mel Bay include Scarlatti and Weiss for Guitar (32 pp., intermediate), and Granados’ Valses Poéticos (28 pp. intermediate-advanced)


Benjamin Verdery
What He Said (for two guitars)
Doberman-Yppan, 12 pp. plus parts

Yale professor/composer/guitarist verdery wrote this piece in the memory of luthier Thomas Humphrey and dedicated it to Sérgio and Odair Assad.


Nick Fletcher
Sonata No. 1 (for solo guitar)
(Productions D’Oz)

British composer Fletcher is represented by 45 titles in the D’Oz catalog. If you like this one you might also try Sonata No. 2.


Edvard Grieg (arr. Chris Dumigan)
Lyric Pieces, Op. 38 (for two guitars)
Les Productions D’Oz, 20 pp. plus parts

Regular Classical Guitar mag writer Dumigan is also a composer, arranger, and guitarist, and has arranged all 66 Lyric Pieces by Norwegian composer Grieg (1843-1907) for two guitars, spread out over ten volumes, with multiple pieces in each. So far, the first five books have been released, with five more to come. This one contains eight, and is labeled advanced. Others in the series so far include Op.54 (advanced), Opus 47 (advanced), Opus 43 (advanced), and Opus 12 (intermediate).