Rare Guitars to Be Auctioned in Paris (and Online)

The prestigious Paris-based auction house Castor-Hara is offering well over a 100 guitars—classical, folk, and electric—plus a few banjos, ukuleles, and more, on April 9 in the City of Light. Many of the “classicals” are historic instruments crafted between 1810 and 1850, the era right before Antonio de Torres era revolutionized guitar lutherie. The suggested bidding prices for many of them are not terribly exorbitant, though obviously a well-preserved guitar made by a “name” builder such as René Lacôte will fetch quite a bit, no doubt.

Aside from those very early guitars, the auction also features a scattering of classical models  from other eras, by luthiers such as Manuel Contreras III and Domingo Esteso, and many others. All in all,it’s quite a collection of instruments.  You can view the entire 114-page auction catalog for the auction here, and you can actually bid online from the pages where the guitars are described. For more information, though go Castor-Hara’s main site.