Segovia Sunday #10:The Maestro Plays Pieces by Bach, de Visée, Sor, Villa-Lobos, and Albéniz

For our final Segovia Sunday entry, here’s a nearly 45-minute Maestro Mega-dose, in which Segovia performs assorted pieces and movements by composers spanning the Baroque to (relatively) modern times. The audio is a bit scratchy in places, the sync off a wee bit here and there, but if you can block out the technical imperfections, you’re left with remarkable document of Segovia’s interpretive  genius, particularly his splendidly evocative left-hand work.


It’s been a real joy for me these past couple of months to dig through the available videos of Segovia on YouTube looking for gems to share with all of you. What a great way to end the year! And we wish you all a wonderful, peaceful, and MUSICAL 2018!  —Blair Jackson