Segovia Sunday Encore: The Maestro Plays ‘Andaluza’ by Enrique Granados in 1959

If you listen intently to this aging video from 1959, you can definitely hear the genius in Segovia’s playing as he takes on Enrique Granados ‘Andaluza’ from the pianist’s Danzas españolas (1890). Segovia first recorded this work 20 years earlier, in London on January 17, 1939 (80 years ago this month). He subsequently recorded it it 1944 and 1962. Those 12 Danzas have proven to be an incredibly rich vein for guitarists to mine through the years, though Segovia appears to have only tackled ‘Andaluza’ and ‘Melancolica.’ —Blair Jackson


Listen to Granados himself “playing” this wonderful piece on a 1913 piano roll: