Sunday Prodigy #12: Julia Lange (14), Ronja Schubert (13), and Jessica Bender (15) Play Paolo Bellinati’s ‘Baião de Gude’

This week we feature three talented young German guitarists—Julia Lange (14), Ronja Schubert (13), and Jessica Bender (15)—playing as a trio Frankfurt in 2013. Not surprisingly, all three started studying guitar before the age of 10 and have worked with a number of teachers, including Stephen Werner, Thorston Müller, and others. Here, they play a 1980s piece by Brazilian composer/guitarist Paolo Bellinati called Baião de Gude, which was originally written for soprano saxophone and an ensemble consisting of guitar, piano, bass, and drums, but in 1989 was re-tooled by Bellinati as a three-guitar piece (and was first recorded that way on his Guitares du Brésil album, playing all three parts himself). In the mid-’90s he also wrote a four-guitar version, and that seems to be the most popular, as guitar quartets outnumber trios. In the video, the guitarists appear left to right as listed above: Lange, Schubert, Bender.  —Blair Jackson