Sunday Prodigy #8: Elle (10) and Jack (13) Davisson Play Paolo Bellinati’s ‘Jongo’

More than half of the videos we’ve posted for ‘Prodigy Sunday’ have featured performers who went on to become successful adult professional guitarists. It’s fun to behold the brilliance of their younger selves. But it’s also exciting to see the prodigies of today, like the brother-sister Davisson Duo: 10-year Elle and 13-year-old Jack Davisson, who are students of Christopher Mallett at the California Conservatory of Guitar (in the South Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area). The skill and poise they show in this lively interpretation of Brazilian composer/guitarist Paolo Bellinati’s popular Jongo on March 3, 2018 (opening a concert by David Russell, no less) is extremely impressive. And that should give all of us hope for the bright future of the classical guitar! —Blair Jackson