Sunday Prodigy #9: Watch South Korean Sensation Teok-Hyoun Won Play Rodrigo’s ‘Tres Piezas Española’

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to determine young South Korean guitarist Teok Hyoun-Won’s age when he played this surprisingly masterful version of JoaquÍn Rodrigo’s Tres Pieces Española (from 1954, dedicated to Segovia) at the Kumho Prodigy Concert in Seoul in 2015, but by rule he had to be under 14, and in a video from two years earlier, he looks very young. Nor could I learn anything about him, or who taught him. (If anyone out there has any info, let us know!) But what an incredible player! In the same program as this one, he plays a version of Brouwer’s Sonata No. 1 that is most impressive, too!