Thibault Cauvin’s “Le Voyage d’Albéniz”

classical guitar photo

You may recognize French classical guitarist Thibault Cauvin from the cover of our November issue, or from his endless worldwide tour, or you may have surfed alongside him in Morocco.

Whether your familiar with Cauvin or not, you’re sure to enjoy his new album, Le voyage d’Albéniz. Cauvin sent us a facebook message asking us to share this behind the scenes video. We are happy to oblige.


In the interview with Thérèse Wassily Saba, Cauvin shared a little insight into Le Voyage d’Albéniz.

“It is a journey in the Spain of Albéniz, full of colours, intensity and diversity. The music is at the same time both intellectual and popular.”

To read the full interview with Thibault Cauvin, download the November 2014 issue of Classical Guitar magazine.