Video Pick of the Week: Ashley Lucero & Jeffrey Dunn Play Matthew Dunne’s ‘Wakulla Lullaby’

I’ve watched this video several times in the last few days; something about it drew me in and hooked me. It’s a quite lovely and engrossing work, written by guitarist/composer/teacher Matthew Dunne, who has been on the faculty of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) since 1992. He’s written pieces that have been recorded and performed by the LAGQ, Bill Kanengiser solo, Jérôme Ducharme, and many others. This piece, Wakulla Lullaby, was written in 2014 for the Akerman-Teixeira Duo, but is played here by two excellent guitarists who studied at UTSA—Ashley Lucero and Jeffrey Dunn, collectively known as Duo Interchange. On Facebook, Lucero noted the piece “is a wonderfully crafted theme and variations based on Matthew Dunne’s memories of the Wakulla Springs in Tallahassee, Florida.” Lucero, who is currently a graduate teaching assistant at UTSA, also participated a few years ago in Dunne’s Keene Valley Guitarist/Composer Workshop, where she partially wrote a fine solo composition called Beede Lane.