Video Pick of the Week: Bahar Ossareh Plays the Hypnotic ‘Meditative Metamorphosis’

The Iranian guitarist Bahar Ossareh has been living in Canada since 2016, and in that short time she’s established herself as a player to be reckoned with, having already performed under the auspices of the Guitar Society of Toronto, Guitar Hamilton, Musical Lives Cambridge, Niagara Guitar Orchestra, and the Brock University Guitar Orchestra. She earned a Master of Music degree in Classical Guitar Performance from Tehran’s University of Art, and she was also the founder of the 24-member Iranian Kids’ Guitar Orchestra, for whom he she has arranged and composed more than 20 classical and popular works.

Ossareh has a number of excellent videos on YouTube, several featuring works probably unknown to western classical guitar audiences. After watching several, however, the one that jumped out at me was this beautiful and hypnotic work by Iranian guitarist/composer Pedram Falsafi, called Meditative Metamorphosis, directed by the ever reliable Drew Henderson. And while the piece does have a certain tranquil, lulling quality, as the title might imply, it also has some neat little bursts and intriguing moments that make it even more fascinating.


Ossareh is now part of the ever-expanding tonebase online guitar pedagogy army, and among her upcoming high-profile appearances will be at the Miami GuitArt Festival next February. —Blair Jackson