Video Pick of the Week: Barcelona’s Duo del Mar Play Manuel de Falla’s ‘Danza de la Vida Breve’

Here’s another great guitar duo you might not be familiar with: Duo del Mar—Ekaterina Záytseva and Marta Robles, both members of Barcelona’s extremely active classical-guitar and flamenco scene. Záytseva grew up in Russia, but has lived in Spain the past ten years, playing as a solo artist and also in various configurations, including the Barcelona 4 Guitars. Robles is best known for her flamenco work (including the group Las Migas) and her folkish  duo collaboration with singer Alba Carmona, but is also adept at straight classical and plays other styles.

Barcelona is one of the few cities in the world where you can hear top-flight Spanish/flamenco music performed live just about every night of the year, largely because of a dedicated organization called Maestros de la Guitarra, which put on 320 such concerts last year in three different venues in the heart of the city—the beautiful churches of Santa Maria del Pi and Sant Jaume, and the truly spectacular and historic Palau de la Música Catalana (which counts the premiere of Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez among the many thousands of events it has hosted since it opened in 1908). Záytseva and Robles are both regulars on the Maestros de la Guitarra concert calendar, along with such notable players as Manuel González, Pedro Javier González, Xavier Coll, and Luis Robisco. Additionally, Maestros de la Guitarra attracts top guitarists from all over the world: Among those scheduled to play at the Palau in the coming months are David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, Zoran Dukic, and Aniello Desiderio.

This video of Duo del Mar playing ” Danza de la Vida Breve” by Spanish composer Manuel de Falla (1876–1946), was shot at the Palau, so in addition to hearing a wonderful version of a classic piece, you get to see the magnificent venue in all its splendor!