Video Pick of the Week: Barrios Guitar Quartet Plays Stephen Goss’ ‘Gnossiennes after Satie’ II & III

I really love this German quartet, which consists of Stefan Hladek, Martin Wentzel, Antje Asendorf, and Ulf Borcherding. Their arrangements are impeccable, as are their repertoire choices. And though they can (and do) certainly wow you with amazingly exciting uptempo material, I think it’s as interesting to hear a quartet play music with tremendous subtlety, like this magical rendering of Stephen Goss’ Gnossiennes after Satie. (Does that make them ‘Gossiennes’? Sorry, just asking.) The BGQ originally recorded this work on their 2011 CD release El calor del día–Heat of the Day. I’m looking forward to their next release! —Blair Jackson