Video Pick of the Week: Fabio Zini Plays Piazzolla’s ‘Adiós Nonino’

Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla‘s Adiós Nonino was written in 1959 as a farewell to his father, nicknamed Nonino, who was killed in a bicycle accident in Argentina while Astor was on tour in Puerto Rico. Several years earlier he had written a tango called Nonino, also in honor of his father, and when, following his father’s death, Astor arrived back in New York City, where he was living at the time, he used the earlier piece as a jumping-off point for the melancholic Adiós... It was composed on the bandoneon, but like so many of Piazzolla’s compositions, it has found a home among classical guitarists.


This version is by another Argentina native, Fabio Zini, who hails from the city of Santa Fe in that country, but has lived in the United States for a number of years and currently resides in Beverly Hills, California. A recording of Zini playing Adiós Nonino appears on his latest CD, My Love Is Tango.