Video Pick of the Week: Isabel Martínez Plays Turina’s ‘Sonata, Op. 61’

This week’s selection is a popular favorite by Spanish composer Joquín Turina (1882–1949), written in 1931 and dedicated to Andrés Segovia. It’s a three-movement work (“Allegro,” “Andante,” “Allegro Vivo”) that has been recorded often through the years; among the modern players to take it on are Manuel Barrueco, Jan Deprerter, and Raphaella Smits.


This version is by the fine Spanish guitarist Isabel Martínez, who studied at the Music Conservatory in Alicante, Spain, under Ignacio Rodes, and the Guildhall School in London under Robert Brightmore.  It was shot in 2014 at the at the Arabic Patio of Casa Zapata in Cartagena, Spain, Martínez’s home town. She’s playing a guitar made by Paco Santiago Marin, from Granada, Spain. —Blair Jackson