Video Pick of the Week: John Williams and Ensemble Play Stephen Goss’ ‘A Flower of Cities’

Any time legendary guitarist John Williams puts out a new album at this point in his career, it’s an important event. Well, next week, on February 2, Naxos will release an album featuring Williams performing two large works in small chamber ensembles: Flower of Cities by Stephen Goss and The Light On Edge by the late Phillip Houghton. (We’ll be writing more about this release a little up the road. To pre-order it—depending on when you read this—go to the Naxos site.)


Our Video Pick is the lovely fourth movement from Goss’ Flower of Cities, titled “Inner Temple Garden,” with Williams and Craig Ogden on guitars, Tim Evans on percussion (including some very nice marimba and vibes), Laurence Ungless on bass, and Max Baillie on violin. Williams commissioned Goss to write the piece for the 50th anniversary of the City of London Festival a few years back. The performance is from 2013. To watch the entire suite, click here.