Video Pick of the Week: Katrin Endrikat Plays the Alegretto from Torroba’s ‘Sonatina’

Our “Pick” this week is probably familiar to most of you: The first movement (“Alegretto”) from the famous Sonatina by Federico Moreno Torroba (1891–1982). It has been played by countless guitarists since Segovia debuted it in Paris in 1925; it’s a true cornerstone of the classical-guitar repertoire (popular for a reason!).

This spry version is by the German guitarist Katrin Endrikat, playing a Stephan Connor guitar. A studio recording of Endrikat playing the entire Sonatina appears on her excellent second CD, Joie de Vivre, which came out last summer.  (That disc also contains nicely performed pieces by Tárrega, Barrios, José Luis Merlin, and Paolo Bellinati.) —Blair Jackson