Video Pick of the Week: Koshkin Guitar Duo Play ‘Ragtime’ from Nikita Koshkin’s ‘Cambridge Suite’

The Koshkin Guitar Duo—Russians Asya Selyutina and Olga Kamornik—takes its name from the prolific contemporary Russian guitar composer Nikita Koshkin (b. 1956), who is perhaps best known for his Usher Waltz from 1984. Here, the two guitarists (both established players on their own) perform the third part of Koshkin’s wonderful five-part Cambridge Suite from 1994, titled “Ragtime,” which describes the style perfectly. In the video, Asya is the right-handed guitarist, Olga the lefty. Koshkin recorded the Cambridge Suite himself with guitarist Frank Koonce on an album called The Well Tempered Koshkin, which came out in 2000. —Blair Jackson