Video Pick of the Week: Kupinski Guitar Duo Plays Piazzolla’s ‘Zita’

We got such a large and overwhelmingly positive response to our Video Pick a few months ago featuring Poland’s Kupinski Guitar Duo (Ewa Jablczynska and Dariusz Kupinski) performing their astonishing version of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” we thought we’d go back to the fabulous pair for an encore: Here they are playing Astor Piazzolla’s Zita, which the Argentinean composer/bandoneon master originally recorded in 1975 as part of his Suite Troileana on an album called Lumière. As always seems to be the case, Piazzolla’s music translates to guitar with apparent ease and grace. (For an extra treat, here’s Piazzolla playing the piece as part of his Octeto Electronico in France in 1977.)


Studio recordings of both Zita and Rhapsody in Blue (as well as their wondrous version of the La gazza ladra overture) can be heard on a CD called Kupinski Guitar Duo through Spotify or Apple Music (and perhaps other streaming services). The duo also has a previous release called Spanish Music. —Blair Jackson