Video Pick of the Week: Mak Grgić Plays Francesco da Milano’s ‘Fantasia XIII’ on a Meantone Guitar

OK, I’m not a guy who can talk intelligently about “meantone temperament” and the unusually fretted necks like the one on the 1976 Daniel Friederich “experimental meantone guitar” in this video. That’s why God (or somebody) invented Wikipedia—better yet, do the deep dive into John Schneider’s spectacularly detailed book The Contemporary Guitar, or watch the fascinating and helpful three-part discussion between Schneider and Guitar Salon International president David Collett on GSI’s website.


My own musical shortcomings aside, I know what I like, and I was really struck by this wonderful performance of Fantasia XIII by Italian lutenist and composer Francesco da Milano (1497–1543), played by the fine Slovenian guitarist Mak Grgić at GSI’s Santa Monica, California, headquarters.  —Blair Jackson