Video Pick of the Week: Margarita Escarpa Plays Albéniz’s ‘Rumores de la Caleta’

There is certainly no shortage of guitarists performing the piano works by Isaac Albéniz to be found on YouTube,  and the composer’s Rumores de la Caleta (aka Malagueña ) has been popular among guitarists since Miguel Llobet wrote his transcription for two guitars (from the piano original). Not surprisingly, it has found its way into the solo guitar repertoire as well, with many top guitarists playing it through the years. It’s an undeniable classic! However, we’ve never posted it as a Pick of the Week, so we went searching for a cool version and eventually landed on this fluid, soulful, and nicely variegated one by renowned Spanish guitarist Margarita Escarpa, who among many accomplishments, won the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) competition in 1994. She is currently a guitar teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo in Spain, and also concertizes and teaches in other countries.