Video Pick of the Week: Pavel Steidl Plays Domeniconi’s “Hommage à Jimi Hendrix”

Pavel Steidl

Last year at the GFA convention in Oklahoma City, Pavel Steidl blew us away with an incendiary version of Carlo Domeniconi’s “Hommage à Jimi Hendrix.” It’s quite a piece of writing— alternately flashy, as Hendrix often was, but also soulful, bluesy, tender, lyrical, and downright weird; all traits of the late rock god. This performance comes from a different festival, but it definitely still captures the strange magic of Domeniconi’s bold, multi-textured work, and Steidl shines throughout—indeed, he seems to revel in its bursts of theatricality And wait until you get to the part where he accompanies himself with other-worldly whistling—crazy (but effective) stuff. Hendrix’s adventurous spirit is very much in evidence throughout. It’s a wonderful fusion of styles.