Video Pick of the Week: Sabrina Vlaskalic Plays ‘Spring Waltz’ by Gennadiy Pilch

Well, this week it seems like our Video Pick has to be Sabrina Vlaskalic, who died tragically (too young!) on January 17. This video of a short piece called Spring Waltz was posted for the first time the following day by the composer of the piece, Gennadiy Pilch, a Ukrainian guitarist (from Crimea, actually) who more recently has been living in Essen, Germany, where he teaches, composes, and is artistic director for a local classical guitar concert series. This is definitely not a professional video—it appears that Pilch shot it himself in 2016 at the Essen guitar series, where Sabrina played it as her encore selection—but the two minutes or so at the beginning of the video, where Sabrina talks a little about the piece before tuning up, gives us a nice glimpse of her warm personality. And then the piece itself is a delightful miniature, as inviting as Sabrina was, and played mellifluously! —Blair Jackson

(For more on her passing, and links to CG stories on her, click here.)


Gennadiy Pilch