Video Pick of the Week: Xuanxuan Sun Plays Roland Dyens’ Arrangement of ‘Un jour tu verras’

This tune combines three of my favorite things: mid-20th century French chanson, the arrangements of Roland Dyens, and classical guitar. “Un jour tu verras” (“One day you will see”) began its life as a song in the 1953 French film Secrets d’alcôve, music by George van Parys (1902–1971), lyrics by Marcel Mouloudji (1922–1994), who sang the song and appeared in the film, as well. Van Parys wrote the music for many songs, operettas, and also scored some 300 films over his career. Roland Dyens’ instrumental arrangement of van Parys’ tune originally appeared on the first volume of his two truly wonderful 1995 Chanson françaises albums (as well as the 1997 combined set called Paris Guitare), in which he brought his unique guitar voice to a variety of French pop and torch classics. While always remaining close to the melody, Dyens of course manages to make it his own through little embellishments and, characteristically, an original intro.

Playing it with great sensitivity is Chinese guitarist Xuanxuan Sun, who also has performed Dyens’ more famous arrangement of Edith Paif’s Hymne a L’Almour, also from that first Chansons françaises album.


If you’re curious, give a listen to Marcel Mouloudji’s orginal 1954 recording, which so inspired Dyens: