Video Pick of the Week: Yuliya Lonskaya Plays Garoto’s ‘Lamentos do Morro’

Aníbal Augusto Sardinha—better known by the single name of Garoto—was a popular and influential Brazilian guitarist (actually he played many stringed instruments) from the 1930s up until his death at the age of 39 in 1955. This tune, which is alternately driving and delightly lyrical in that unmistakable Brazilian way, was recorded by Garoto in 1950, but is probably best known among guitar aficionados for the version on fellow Brazilian Paolo Bellinati’s 1986 alum, Garoto.

The striking version here (excellent performance and production) is by the eclectic Belarusian guitarist Yuliya Lonskaya, who has won numerous competitions through the years and most recently toured with guitarist Lulo Reinhardt (Django’s great-nephew) in a program called ‘Gypsy Meets Classic.’ Her latest album is called Colours of Music, a duo recording with flautist Olga Reiser (together they are Duo Rosso), available from her website. This particular arrangement of ‘Lamentos do Morro’ is by the fine French guitarist Gaëlle Solal.  —Blair Jackson