Video Picks of the Week: Jack Davisson (14) Plays Ginastera’s ‘Sonata for Guitar’; Elle Davisson (11) Plays Dyens’ ‘Songe Capricorne

Some of you may recall that back in the spring of 2018, we posted 14 weekly videos in a series highlighting guitar prodigies. One of them featured a spirited rendition of Paolo Bellinati’s “Jongo” by the brother-and-sister Davisson Duo from the SF Bay Area: Jack, who was 13 at the time, and Elle, 10. At some point along the line I got to meet these terrific kids; nice, and as talented as can be! Now they are 15 and 12 respectively, and continuing their guitar studies with Chris Mallett at the California Conservatory of Guitar, south of San Francisco.


Our spotlight video this week was shot last year, when Jack was 14, and finds the promising youngster tackling Alberto Ginastera’s challenging Sonata for Guitar, Op. 47. Very impressive! And we want also give equal time to Elle Davisson, for her wonderful-beyond-her-years take on Roland Dyens’ Songe Capricorne. These kids have really got it goin’ on! I hope they stick with it! —Blair Jackson