Watch Gaëlle Solal Play Villa-Lobos’ ‘Choros No. 1’

Talk about versatile! French guitarist Gaëlle Solal has long been an outstanding solo guitarist, taking on repertoire that spans Bach to Dyens, but she also works beautifully with others, as her duo appearances with other guitarists and various colleagues who play bandoneon, piano, and other instruments attest. She’s up for anything—including comedy, as I learned when I saw her and Boris Gaquere deliver a side-splitting parody of the classical guitar and flamenco worlds as a duo billed as Crazy Nails at the GFA convention in Fullerton, California last year. Hilarious!


This clip is a bit more serious—it’s the old favorite, Choros No. 1 by Heitor Villa-Lobos—but Solal’s effervescent personality still shines through on this breezy piece.  —Blair Jackson