World Cup Semifinal Special #2: England (Alexandra Whittingham) v. Croatia (Ana Vidovic)

England reserve midfielder A. Whittingham

If you saw our previous posting, you know we’re having a little fun with a mash-up of two completely unrelated subjects: the World Cup (which is holding its semifinal matches in St. Petersburg  and Moscow on July 10 and 11) and classical guitar. We had a couple of men representing the participants in the Tuesday semi: Thibaut Garcia of France and Boris Gaquere of Belgium. So let’s have two women for the other semi: Alexandra Whittingham of England and Ana Vidovic of Croatia. Whittingham plays a lovely version of Tárrega’s Capricho árabe, while Vidovic weighs in with modern steel-string guitar wizard Pierre Bensusan’s Altiplanos.


And please, do not use vuvuzela horns to accompany these pieces!