Classical Guitar is Back from Cuba!

In both January and March, adventurous musicians and music lovers traveled with Classical Guitar to Cuba! Here are a few highlights from this exciting experience.

We’d like to give a very sincere thanks to D’Addario and Company for donating gear to some very thankful local musicians!


From Havana to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Cienfuegos to Trinidad, we saw spectacular performances and learned about daily life and culture in Cuba.

Here’s what some of our fellow travelers have to say about it:

I have traveled a lot, but never before with a focus on music. That focus–both in terms of the program and in terms of my fellow travelers–made this particular trip into one I will never forget. I am still processing all we saw and heard!


This trip exceeded our expectations on all counts…the itinerary, the music, the culture, and the Cuban people. Go, if you can!


This was simply one of the most positive travel experiences I have had–a deep immersion in the culture (musical and otherwise) of a country I have been interested in for many years. The opportunity, not only to hear a great amount of fantastic music, but to meet everyday Cubans, sometimes in their own homes, was quite unique and greatly exceeded my expectations! Seriously folks, if you love Cuban music as I do, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


We’ll be going to Cuba one more time this year. If you would like to participate, click here for details, itinerary, and to register. We hope you’ll join us!