Different Duos Sunday #6: Chris Fossek (guitar) and Paul Merkelo (trumpet) Play a Macedonian Dance by Miroslav Tadić

OK, this is really a combination you don’t see every day: classical guitar and trumpet. But trust me on this: it works! The piece in this video is called Gajdarkso Oro, and it was written by the well-respected Serbian guitarist, composer, and teacher Miroslav Tadić, who based it on a sprightly, traditional Macedonian dance. It’s played by the duo of Southern California-based guitarist Chris Fossek (I favorably reviewed his Camino Cielo album in the spring of 2017; he studied with Tadić) and Paul Merkelo, who is the principal  trumpeter with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. It’s a wonderful piece, beautifully performed, with lots for each instrument to do! —Blair Jackson