Guitar-as-Chamber-Instrument Week, #6: Guitar-Cello Duo Vitare Play Dušan Bogdanovic’s ‘Quatre pièces intimes (Mvts. III & IV)’

To celebrate (and amplify) the Special Focus section in the new Spring 2019 issue of Classical Guitar, we’re posting a different video of a guitarist in combination with other instruments all week.


One of the musicians we interviewed for our big article about the guitar-as-chamber-instrument is Dušan Bogdanovic, who wrote our featured piece today, Quatre pièces intimes (movements three and four), performed in this very creative video by Duo Vitare: Finnish guitarist Kimmo Rahunen and Polish cellist Agnieszka Kotulska-Rahunen. Popular all over Europe, the duo met in 2005 in Weimar, Germany, when they were both students at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt. Their first album, Canzonetta Italiana: Original 19th Century Duos for Cello and Guitar came out in 2014. Both play in a number of different chamber aggregations, and they co-founded and serve as artistic directors  for Finland’s annual Luomus Chamber Music Festival. —Blair Jackson

Dušan Bogdanovic